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Jocelyn Weatherall
Jocelyn has been a Partner and an Adviser with Rutherford Rede since 1992.




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Jocelyn studied Commerce and Arts at Auckland University before spending eight years in corporate research and advisory positions . A founding committee member of the Association of Investment Advisers and Financial Planners (IAFP) in 1985 and an inaugural Board member of the Association, Jocelyn has been long-established in the advisory industry. In 2011 Jocelyn became one of the first Authorised Financial Advisers to complete the National Certificate of Financial Services, she is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary as well as being certified under the standards of the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence.


Jocelyn joined the first independent Financial Planning and Advisory Firm in New Zealand in 1991 and began her career in the provision of independent Financial Planning provision. Soon to follow was Jocelyn’s family, twin girls and a son, three children in 15 months arrived in the Weatherall household, a challenge she says has not yet surpassed by any other life events!.


She enjoys spending time at Matakana where the family has a bach, walking good distance to maintain fitness, and holds an interest in art and design. She is involved in the community through her involvement as Vice Chair and Chair of the Finance Risk and Audit Committee for the Auckland Alzheimer’s Trust.


Jocelyn holds expertise in assisting clients who are in need of establishing with confidence a secure financial pathway. In particular she specialises in assisting Trusts; Family and Charitable in establishing their invesment policies and investment frameworks to meet their responsibilities and needs.


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Email: jweatherall@rutherfordrede.co.nz



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